1. Current


    Working with various agencies and provide digital assets such as logos, landing pages, Youtube thumbbnail and banners using Photoshop and Illustrator
    Retouch, enhance lighting and sharpen people or product images with Photoshop
    Wordpress developer
    Spearhead critical aspects of website building by setting up hosting environments, implementing SSL protocols, establishing backup solutions, and fortifying site security.
  2. Jun 2021 - Oct 2022


    aiTWorks is a Japanese web development and recruiting company based in Los Angeles.

    Wordpress Developer
    Set up Wordpress hosting environment using AWS for new websites. Install SSL, Security plugins, backups, create custom widgets and maintain these websites.
    Build, design and maintain multiple company Wordpress websites
    Use Photoshop/Figma to prototype websites and create web assets.
    SEO specialist
    On page optimization, keyword analysis, Google analytics
    Analyze and monitor keywords for SEO strategies to drive organic growth

  3. Jul 2017 - Mar 2020

    Holly Services

    Holly Services is a senior caregiving agency which sends caregivers to the clients residence for assisting daily tasks. My role at this company include:

    Fullstack developer
    Produce and maintain a custom CRM built with Mongo, ExpressJs, Vuejs and Node.js. This app houses caregiver and client data and assists with multiple essential tasks for company operation.
    Build, design and maintain company Wordpress website
    Customize images for company website using Photoshop
    Create banners/brochures for print media to use in marketing
    SEO specialist
    Use on-page technical SEO tactics to increase traffic and influence signups
    Analyze and monitor keywords for SEO strategies to drive organic growth
    Meet clients and their family at their residence for inital consultation
    Supervise payroll and invoice process

  4. Jun 2013 - Jul 2017


    Design, produce and maintain Wordpress based websites for clients such as affiliate blogs, video streaming membership sites and Ecommerce wordpress solutions

    Wordpress developer, Front end developer
    Plan, build, design, maintain and update client websites
    Create customized Wordpress themes for clients using JointsWP
    Use Wordpress plugins to extend functionality of websites. Woocommerce for e-commerce based websites, S2 Member for membership sites and others
    Customize the front end of Wordpress theme using Photoshop, SCSS
    Collaborate with clients to produce digital content for websites
    SEO specialist
    Formulate SEO strategies based on client target demographic and research client's competition
    Perform keyword analysis to find opportunities and profitable keywords
  5. Jun 2003 - Mar 2013


    Main front end developer / SEO specialist for web development department.

    Front End Developer
    PSD to HTML/CSS coding
    Code cross browser compatible websites
    Produce maintainable semantic front end code with page speed in mind
    Using Photoshop, create PSD mockups for new website mockup or site renewal
    Design banners, touch up images and create galleries with Photoshop for marketing
    Use Illustrator to produce packaging covers for physical products
    Plan and execute the SEO strategies to meet the Google/Yahoo/Bing's guidelines and increase search visibility, rankings and increase organic traffic.
    Analyze and report on performance of said strategies using Google Analytics
    Page Speed analyst
    Optimize images used throughout websites uysing Photoshop
    Refactor and optimize CSS and JS files
    Analyze results from GTMetrix, Google Page Insights and Pingdom Tools.