Pet information blog site

In collaboration with a local agency, I spearheaded the development and launch of a Wordpress website for Pawplr, an emerging pet information blog site. The goal was to create a dynamic platform featuring a range of content, including health articles, dog/cat food reviews, entertaining videos, and pet insurance insights, providing a comprehensive resource for pet enthusiasts.

  1. Logo creation
  2. Set up hosting environment on Amazon Lightsail
  3. Add SSL certificate to the domain
  4. Set up daily backups/snapshots
  5. Install various plugins such as Advanced Custom Field, All In One SEO, Google Analytics, Wordfence for site functionality

Hollyservices Hawaii

Senior caregiving agency in Hawaii

The senior caregiving company based in California was embarking on an ambitious expansion to Hawaii. The company recognized the need for an impactful online presence to effectively reach and engage with the local community in Hawaii.

I played a pivotal role in crafting and launching their new website, seamlessly blending the essence of compassionate care with the unique cultural nuances of Hawaii. The website serves as a digital gateway, offering visitors a warm and inviting introduction to the company's mission, services, and values.

  1. Transfer California version of the Wordpress theme to a new host
  2. Add language switcher and pages for Japanese and English speaking clients
  3. Customize certain pages and areas of the website for better demographic engagement


Futuristic sci-fi inspired Vuetify starter

In my journey as a web developer specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) admin websites, I recognized a recurring pattern – the utilization of similar starter templates with minor tweaks for various projects. This observation sparked an idea to contribute to the development community by open-sourcing the core template, allowing others to expedite their CRM implementations.

The starter template was meticulously crafted with a focus on modularity and adaptability. I designed it to be easily customizable with minor tweaks, allowing developers to tailor the CRM interface to the specific needs and branding of their respective agencies or projects.



Google Calendar like scheduler tailored for care agencies

The development of this calendar was inspired by the unique challenges faced by care agencies in efficiently organizing and tracking caregiver and client schedules. With a keen focus on practicality, the features implemented were driven by the feedback and requests of actual users, particularly agency schedulers who provided valuable insights into their workflow requirements.

One standout feature of this calendar is its ability to handle recurring and single off events providing flexibility for the diverse scheduling needs within the care industry. Whether it's a weekly check-in, a bi-weekly appointment, or a monthly visit, the calendar ensures that agencies can easily manage and visualize these recurring events.

Working with the RRule library provided a valuable opportunity to delve into advanced concepts within JavaScript. The library, which specializes in handling recurring rules for scheduling, required a nuanced understanding of date manipulation, iteration, and complex rule structures.


Single page admin app using MEVN stack

Holly Services - Senior Caregiving Agency

In response to the complex operational needs of Holly Services, a company managing a vast network of caregivers and clients, I undertook the development of a sophisticated single-page application (SPA) tailored to streamline the management staff's tasks, whether in the office or out in the field.

The foundation of this robust solution rests on a tech stack that combines MongoDB for efficient data storage, Express.js for seamless communication with the database, and Vue.js/Vuetify for crafting an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. This combination ensures a responsive and dynamic user experience, essential for the demanding tasks involved in managing a large workforce.

One of the key challenges addressed by this SPA was the need for secure access to critical information by the HR staff. By implementing authentication protection, I ensured that only authorized personnel could access and manipulate the data within the application. This security layer is crucial when dealing with sensitive information related to caregivers and clients.

To enhance operational efficiency, the application leverages the power of MapQuest and Google APIs to determine the nearest caregivers to a specific client. This functionality provides valuable insights into the geographical distribution of caregivers, allowing schedulers to optimize assignments based on proximity. The application goes a step further by displaying the estimated time and distance that a caregiver needs to travel to reach a client.


Print banner for retirement community calendar

Holly Services - Senior Caregiving Agency

To help with brand recognition, I was tasked with creating a banner that would be placed on a senior community calendar. One of the key points to this banner was to use bright colors to make it stand out from other banners on the calendar but also use the blue and green as the primary and secondary color to symbolize trust and stability.

  1. Use color theory to achieve guidance on the best combination of colors
  2. Search the web to find the best image to reflect the company brand
  3. Find and use fonts that would signal compassion, strength and loyalty to potential clients

Holly Services

Senior Caregiving Agency

Holly Services embarked on a journey to revitalize its online presence by seeking a redesign for their website. The primary focus of this renewal project was a comprehensive overhaul of the aesthetics, coupled with a strategic approach to present easily digestible information for potential clients.

Understanding the importance of a visually appealing and user-friendly website, I collaborated closely with Holly Services to conceptualize and execute a redesign that aligns with their brand identity and resonates with their target audience. The overarching goal was to create a modern, inviting, and intuitive interface that not only captures attention but also facilitates seamless navigation for visitors.

  1. Initial setup of Wordpress theme
  2. Customize images throughout the website using Photoshop
  3. Write SEO optimized text and content

Custom payroll + invoice PDF generator

Holly Services - Senior Caregiving Agency

Navigating the intricacies of Holly Services' unique invoicing and payroll system posed a significant challenge due to its distinctive features. With irregular schedules, multiple wage changes within a single shift, variations in base wages depending on the client, and considerations such as holiday pay and weekend rates, the complexity of the pay structure exceeded the capabilities of existing systems. As a result, manual calculation of payroll and invoices became the norm, a process prone to human error and characterized by extensive time consumption.

In response to this intricate challenge, I undertook the development of a tailored solution to automate the calculation process. Leveraging the power of Node.js, I crafted a custom script designed to handle the complexities inherent in Holly Services' invoicing and payroll requirements.

The organization witnessed a substantial reduction in the time spent on these tasks, saving hundreds of hours per month.

Batch script for automated payroll processing with ADP

Holly Services - Senior Caregiving Agency

The manual entry of caregivers' pay data into the old payroll system at Holly Services was a laborious process, taking 4-5 hours per pay period and susceptible to human error. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and accurate solution, a transition to the ADP payroll system was initiated. In collaboration with ADP, I undertook the development of a batch script using Node.js to streamline the data transfer process.

The batch script was designed to generate a .CSV file containing the necessary pay data, a format compatible with ADP's system. This strategic integration allowed for seamless importation of the pay data into the ADP payroll system. The custom script not only eliminated the manual data entry process but also significantly reduced the time required for payroll entry.